Can you take Wet Ones in hand luggage?

One of the things our customers love most about Wet Ones is that they’re an everyday companion. Keeping a pack handy means there’s always a refreshing moment waiting in your pocket or handbag for when you need it most, whether you’re on the train, working hard at your desk or taking the little ones for a picnic in the park.

Not only are our wipes useful just about anywhere, but they’re biodegradable, made from plant sourced fibres and effective in killing 99.9% of bacteria – so whatever messes daily life throws at you, you can be sure of everyday protection and cleanliness.

But what about when things aren’t so everyday? When you jet off to a far-flung corner of the planet or a continental city to escape life for a few days or weeks, the chances are that mess will travel alongside you on the plane – and your hands aren’t going to freshen themselves at 35,000 feet! Whether you love the rose-scented fragrance of Be Cute or the invigorating citrus of Be Zingy, the great news is that jetting off somewhere doesn’t have to mean being without Wet Ones

Taking Wet Ones in carry-on luggage

Under current restrictions in UK airports and around the world, you can’t take liquids of more than 100ml into the cabin of a plane, and any you are carrying on board need to be contained in a clear plastic bag. Of course, this won’t be news to you if you’ve flown in recent years – we’ve all had that panicked last-minute rummage at airport security on remembering that we’ve left a bottle of moisturiser in the bottom of our cases.

What many people don’t realise is that wet wipes aren’t considered a liquid under these rules, meaning that you can take a supply on board without worrying that it’s going to be confiscated. So whichever of our Wet Ones is your preferred bag buddy, you’ve got the UK’s original and number one antibacterial wet wipe* at your side for every step of the journey. [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Packing for post-pandemic travel

As the world starts to get moving again following the Covid-19 pandemic, trusty wet wipes aren’t the only thing that you should be making sure you carry onto a flight. In a world where we’re all more mindful of personal hygiene, it’s extra important to make sure you’re prepared to stay safe.

Pack the usuals in your hand luggage, of course (your Wet Ones, a gripping paperback, noise-cancelling headphones and a pair of comfy socks) but don’t forget a good supply of face masks and hand sanitiser for your whole journey. You can’t bring a hand sanitiser bottle of more than 100ml into the cabin, but most of those you’ll find on the high street are smaller anyway – just make sure it’s got more than 60% alcohol content to be effective.

Relaxing on your first post-pandemic holiday

At a time when we’ve never craved a holiday more, millions of people are opting for UK staycations this year – descending on the UK’s favourite coastal resorts in droves for a much needed helping of sun, sea and sand. Millions of others, however, are heading out on their first trip abroad and aren’t too sure how different things will look when they arrive at their hotel.

Wherever you’re off to, Wet Ones will get you off to a fuss-free start if you keep them handy on the journey. And at every step, it’s important to prioritise safety and carry what you need to protect yourself and others. But beyond keeping the trip as risk-free as possible, how do you enjoy yourself?

The best approach is to acknowledge that these aren’t normal times – even though it might seem that things are heading in that direction. If your holiday is usually full of action, adventure and soaking up the local nightlife, then prepare to scale things back a bit. The more time you can spend lounging on the beach without doing very much, the better! Although it might not be your idea of relaxation, eating out a little less and cooking for yourself on one or two nights will help you to minimise contact with others, too, and who knows what you might whip up from a few locally bought ingredients?

Whatever you get up to on holiday, you can bet that having our antibacterial wipes at hand will keep stress to a minimum, and free up more time for you to enjoy some quality recharging time. After all, you’ve earned it this year.