Personal Hygiene at Work

Are you back in the office yet? Millions of people who have been working at home through the lockdown are beginning to return to their familiar workplaces, for one, two or even five days a week.

On those first days back at your desk, it’s important not only to remind yourself how the coffee machine works and where the copier paper is kept, but to create a new in-office personal hygiene routine. Keeping the spaces you use clean has always been important – you wouldn’t believe the bacteria that can thrive in a computer keyboard or an office kitchen. But that’s true now more than ever, in order to prevent coronavirus from spreading. How many of us can really say we were taking enough care around desk hygiene before the pandemic began?

There are certain things that employers need to provide in order to make sure your workspace is safe – like handwashing facilities with running water, soap and paper towels, and hand sanitiser stations at convenient spots around the office. However, keeping your desk stacked up with packs of Wet Ones is a great way to avoid sharing these facilities more than is necessary. Our antibacterial biodegradable hand wipes kill 99.9% of bacteria, as well as providing that little refreshing moment whenever you need it during the working day.