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Wet Wipes for Adults

Wet Wipes for Adults

People love Wet Ones, and that’s not just because we’re the UK’s original and number one wet wipe brand*. Our antibacterial hand wipes are now biodegradable – and they’ve become such an everyday essential because they never stop being useful. Whatever your age, life’s little messes are unavoidable – whether you’re gleefully throwing food out of your highchair or spilling ketchup down your tie on the way to an important meeting. That’s why they’re as much for adults as they are for little ones!

Whenever and wherever you find yourself needing Wet Ones, you’ll find a wipe that suits you. Whether you’ve got the sensitive skin that appreciates Be Gentle, you want the rosy fragrance of Be Cute or you’re looking for the invigorating refresh of Be Zingy, there’s something for everyone. All our wipes are dermatologically tested and pH balanced, as well as retaining their moisture for longer and killing 99.9% of bacteria. That’s what makes them exactly the kind of trusty pocket companion that you’ll want for all of life’s journeys.

As well as being kind to your skin, all our wipes are kind to the planet too. We’ve been working behind the scenes and are proud to have made Wet Ones biodegradable, and they’re now made entirely from plant sourced fibres and without any plastics. And we haven’t sacrificed reliability to go green, so you can be sure of the same cleanliness, freshness and long-lasting protection that we’ve always been famous for. Fuss-free, mess-free and now guilt-free – that’s why you know you can trust Wet Ones.

*Nielsen Data L12m to 13th June 2020