Antibacterial Hand Wipes in Bulk

Antibacterial Hand Wipes in Bulk

Everyone knows that antibacterial hand wipes are an essential handy companion when you’re out and about. Wet Ones is the UK’s original and number one wet wipe brand*, because we create high-quality products that you can rely on wherever you go. From the citrus-fresh burst of Be Zingy to the rose-scented handbag heroes in a pack of Be Cute, we’ve got a wet wipe for every little mess that life throws at you. 

But sometimes, a trusty packet in the pocket just isn’t enough. Whether you’re running an office or a nursery (or an office where people act like they’re in a nursery), maybe your need for wet wipes runs into the hundreds or even the thousands. And even if you’re a mega-busy parent or you’re just taking that bit more care with hygiene these days, you might want dozens of tactically placed packets of Wet Ones – in the buggy, car, handbag and everywhere in between.

That’s why you can now bulk buy Wet Ones wipes across all our product ranges: Be Fresh, Be Cute, Be Gentle and Be Zingy. If you’re faced with a new mess every minute, don’t let it get in the way – keep things fresh with a well-stocked supply of wipes that retain their moisture for longer.

All of the antibacterial wipes that we’re famous for are manufactured in the UK, dermatologically tested and 99.9% effective in killing bacteria. What’s more, they’re also biodegradable. We’ve been working hard to make them more eco-friendly, which is why they’re now free from plastic and made with plant sourced fibres. We might have redesigned our products to make them ready for a sustainable future, but they’re as reliable and versatile as ever – meaning that in an age where hygiene is on everyone’s minds, you can bulk buy Wet Ones with confidence.

*Nielsen Data L12m to 13th June 2020