Travel Wet Wipes

Travel Wet Wipes

Why do travel and mess always go hand in hand? Whether it’s freshening up after a quick breakfast on the way to work or mopping up a dashboard drink spillage, keeping a handy pack of Wet Ones by your side means you can get on with enjoying your day, and feel that bit fresher in the process! Our 12-packs of antibacterial wipes are perfect for staying in control on the go, and you can rely on them to retain moisture for longer and kill 99.9% of bacteria. It’s just one of the reasons Wet Ones is the UK’s original and number one wet wipe brand*.

Whether it’s the sensitive ingredients of Be Gentle or the invigorating citrus scent of Be Zingy, all our wet wipe ranges are a trusted travel companion for millions. Not only are they developed and made in the UK but every one of our wipes is now biodegradable, redesigned for a more eco-friendly future using plant sourced fibres and no plastics. We haven’t swapped out durability for sustainability, though – you can be sure of the same cleanliness, protection and long-lasting freshness that Wet Ones are famous for.

By making sure you always pack Wet Ones when you leave the house you’re equipping yourself for whatever adventures the day might bring, whether you’re off on a hiking holiday or catching the train into the city. What we’re really proud of is that each time you use one, you’re not only staying clean but doing your bit to protect the planet as you explore it. Wet Ones are easy to use anywhere, keeping your journey mess-free, stress-free and – with our new biodegradable wipes – guilt-free too.

Wet wipes and hand luggage: What are the rules?

A question we are asked a lot is whether you can take Wet Ones on a plane.If you’re heading further afield and planning to travel abroad, it’s worth remembering that wet wipes don’t come under the liquid restrictions at UK airports. This means that you can take a pack in your carry-on hand luggage without having to remember to put it in the clear bag. That’s one less thing to think about!

*Nielsen Data L12m to 13th June 2020